Monday, July 20, 2009

I am resurrecting an idea. As to me it has always been a pretty good idea, the issue ends up being the logistics of time, and getting the idea into the right peoples hands. This picture is of my friend Garret, and his girlfriend (kind of) He wanted me to do it for her birthday, and by doing this, it really put some more fuel for my idea. For some of you, you might already know my idea from previous tries, but I am going to kinda keep it on the down low, so as to not give someone else a similar idea, until I have had a jump start. Anyways, here is a fun caricature anyways.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So.... last time I updated, I was living in my childhood home of Kanab, which as far as living there it was awesome. As far as the job was concerned, it wasn't that cool. I wanted it to work soooo bad, but It just wasn't the job it was thought to be as far as creativity, and opportunity. I learned some awesome stuff from doing magazine layout, but as far as being the kind of artist I wanted to be, and having a boss as a micro manager it wasn't for me. I found another job, in my wife's dream city, which is only an hours drive from Kanab, in St. George, Utah. It's similar climate, but the elevation is a lot lower, so it is even more of a desert area. It is the largest city in Southern Utah, so we do have all the amenities that we didn't have in Kanab, and I have a great job as the Graphic Artist for the company Xtreme Graphix.

Currently I am the do all and everything artist from logos, to t-shirt design, to car vinyl wraps business cards and anything else design. Things have been really busy work wise, so I have been stressing about too much work, and still learning certain things like color separation for screen printing. So far we've figured it out. Hopefully, as times keep looking up I will become more of a designer, with hiring another person to help with the production and day to day artwork. I have some awesome design ideas, and my boss and I, are on the same page with a lot of ideas, so hopefully in the near future things will get better.

I'll start posting some of the stuff that I've done for my job. Well great talking with ya, and I'll update in another year probably.

Here are a couple things that I've done at work.