Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You were man enough to pack it in weren't you......?

Well I got back from my backpacking trip to Uinta's. I wasn't in too great of shape, and it kicked my butt, but I did it. It was fun, and other than the mosquitos and my feet hurting it was Awesome. Lot's of fun, and the pictures tell most of the story. Our friend Cody works for the Forest Service, and joined us for a night. Well that's about it.


Jordan and Erin Farr said...

kenny what a trip. Isn't cody funny. Well have fun at work. Lets go again but without the steep hike. Cake Bike.

Megan said...

Yeah so now you write things when you post too...not that I don't enjoy looking at your art, but you know I am a talker. Ross was ad that he missed out on your trip - till he heard how sore you guys were afterwords...still sounds like fun, mostly because you got to see Cody all dressed up funny.